Ambiti di Ricerca

My research interests are in various areas of theoretical physics, in particular:

- Theoretical particle physics, especially beyond the Standard Model

- Theoretical astro-particle physics and cosmology

- Physics of Music


My present activity is focused on:

1) dark matter and dark radiation from evaporating primordial black holes;

2) primordial inflation and the Higgs field;

3) stability and metastability of the Higgs potential in the Standard Model

4) models for psychoacoustic consonance and dissonance


In the past I worked on the following issues:

1) phenomenological aspects of the Flavor and CP problems: fermion masses and mixings (origin, flavour and CP violations, neutrino phenomenology, ...), rare decays, fermion electric and magnetic dipole moments, ...

2) model building beyond the Standard Model and related phenomenology in various frameworks: Grand Unification, Supersymmetry, Technicolor, ...

3) leptogenesis and matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe, cosmic microwave background anisotropies, cosmic rays, dark matter, ...