since 2022: Associate professor in theoretical physics at the Dep. of Physics and Earth Science, Ferrara University, Italy



2001-2003: Post-doc at "Service de Physique Theorique, CEA-Saclay", Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

2003-2006: Grant of the "E. Fermi Centre" hosted by "La Sapienza" University, Rome, Italy.

2006-2008: CERN Fellow, PH-TH division, Switzerland.

2008-2022: Researcher at the Dep. of Physics and Earth Science, Ferrara University, Italy

2009-2020: Visiting adjunct professor at CP3-Origins (Centre for Particle Physics Phenomenology), Southern Denmark University, Denmark.



07/1997: Laurea cum laude in Physics at Ferrara University, Italy. Supervisor: Prof. G. Fiorentini.

09/1999: Diploma in Harp at the Conservatorio Statale di Musica "C.Pollini", Padua, Italy.

02/2001: PhD in Physics at Padua University, Italy. Supervisor: Prof. F. Feruglio.



My research interests cover various areas of theoretical physics, in particular:

- theoretical particle physics, especially beyond the Standard Model

- theoretical astro-particle physics and cosmology

- physics of musics, in particular models for consonance and dissonance


My present activity is focused on:

1) dark matter and dark radiation from evaporating primordial black holes;

2) primordial inflation and the Higgs field;

3) stability and metastability of the Higgs potential in the Standard Model.


I worked also on the following issues:

1) phenomenological aspects of the Flavor and CP problems: neutrinos, fermion masses and mixings, rare decays, fermion electric and magnetic dipole moments, ...

2) model building and phenomenology in various frameworks: Grand Unification, Supersymmetry, Technicolor, ...

3) leptogenesis and baryon asymmetry of the Universe, cosmic microwave background, cosmic rays, ...




Author of about 53 regular articles - among which 4 top 500, 2 Top 250, 10 Top 100 and 7 Top 50, according to Spires - and about 12 conference proceedings. Spires h-factor=31.



Over the past years I gave about 40 talks at International Conferences - among which 10 in Plenary Sessions - and about 35 invited seminars.



Referee for PRL, PRD, JHEP, JCAP, NPB, ...



- Waves Acoustics and Music, LT in Physics, 3rd year, UniFe, AY 2021-2022

- Applications of Quantum Field Theory, LM in Physics, 2nd year, UniFe, all AYs from 2018-2019 to 2022-2023.

- Elements of Quantum Mechanics,  LT in Physics, 3rd year, UniFe, AY 2004-2005 and all AYs from 2009-2010 to 2017-2018.

- Quantum Mechanics, LM in Physics, 1st year, UniFe, AY 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2022-2023

- Mathematical Methods for Physics,  LM in Physics, 1st year, UniFe, AY 2008-2009.



Cosmic Microwave Background, University of Southern Denmark, 2010.

Electric dipole moments, University of Ferrara, 2011.

Waves Acoustics and Music, University of Ferrara, 2021 and 2022



I gave several general public seminars on cosmology and particle physics.



Italian (mother tongue), English (fluent) and French (fluent).