Research activities concentrate on architectural and urban design, exploring nationally and internationally key areas as following:

-         Traditions and Modernities: building on the existing

-         New strategies in urban renewal

-         Future habitats and social housing

The research is strengthened by cooperation with internationally leading universities and research centres. Examples of particularly successful projects in recent years are well represented, in the framework of the EU-Culture Programmes, by the results of following international actions:

-         Bringing Together (Iran, 2005-2006)

-         Caravan. Culture on move (Iran, 2006-2007)

-         Along the Silk Road (Iran, 2007-2009)

-         Cultures of Living (India, 2008-2010)

-         City Cultures on Focus (Turkey, 2010-2012)

-         Living 2060 (in progress)


ARCDES - Group of research

Participation in networks serves both to bring cooperation partners together and to increase international visibility. For this reason in 1996 ARCDES was founded inside the Dept. of Architecture of Ferrara as inter-disciplinary research centre. ARCDES supports today cooperation with universities, research institutions and industry, in order to widen its research profile and acquire additional research funding. Its goal is to strengthen its own research and to enrich the economic and scientific landscape in the city of Ferrara and in the entire region.