MSc Degree in Materials Engineering at the University of Ferrara, December 20, 2010, discussing the thesis titled “Ripristino di contrassegni matricolari obliterati su acciaio 40NiCrMo4 mediante attacco chimico”

Ph.D. Degree in Engineering Science at the University of Ferrara, April 6, 2016, discussing the thesis titled “Functional characterization of thermally activated shape memory alloys for innovative adaptive structures”

Research Fellow in Metallurgy, Engineering Department of Ferrara, University of Ferrara, SSD ING-IND/21 “Metallurgia” (Metallurgy), since February 1, 2019



In charge of the course of “Metallography and Failure Analysis” since 2019 at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Ferrara



The research activity has been carried out in the field of Metallurgy and it has mainly dealt with:

  • Microstructural and mechanical characterization of foundry aluminum alloys
  • Computer-aided cooling curve thermal analysis to study the solidification characteristics of foundry aluminum alloys
  • Study of the heat treatment conditions of NiTi shape memory alloys strip for the development of polymeric active deformable structures
  • Experimental investigations on flexural behavior of NiTi-based functional structures

Such activities are documented by scientific papers published in International Journals and both International and National conference proceedings.

In addition to the scientific research activity, several applied research in collaboration with national companies have been carried out, both as a component of the research group and as the lead manager. Among these, the research projects have been devoted to:

  • Study and metallographic analyses of welding joints
  • Failure analysis investigation on a
  • Development and experimental investigation of shape memory alloy-based morphing axial fan blade
  • Assessment of the alloying elements additions effects on the mechanical and microstructural properties of an A356 foundry aluminium alloy for automotive components
  • Tribological characterization of innovative anodizing treatments on Al alloys by using Ag ions