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Strumenti personali
Marco Peresani
Personal Details Date of Birth: 2 November 1963
Nationality: Italy (EU)
University of Ferrara
Dipartimento di Biologia ed Evoluzione
Corso Ercole I d’Este, 32
I-44100 Ferrara, Italy

Tel: +39-532-293724
Fax: +39-532-206581

Present Appointment • 1993- : Researcher and teacher in Ferrara University

Education 1989- 1992 Society of Bologna, Ferrara and Parma Universities
Ph.D.: Anthropological Science
• Title: the prehistoric peopling of Europe: adaptations to dry and cold environments on the southern alpine slope.
1982- 1988 Dipartimento di Scienze Geologiche, University of Ferrara
MA Degree: Geological Science
• Title: the Pleistocene sequence of Grotta di San Bernardino. Sedimentological and paleopedological study of sediments and techno-typological analysis of the lithic industries.

Current and latest Projects • Research at Grotta del Rio Secco: the Middle– Upper Paleolithic in Northern Italy. Fieldwork and investigations at a new cave used by Neandertals and Modern Humans: 2010.
Funding: Clauzetto Municipality, Crup Foundation, Buzzi Unicem, BIM Tagliamento, Ecomuseum Lis Aganis
• Research at Grotta di Fumane: the Middle– Upper Paleolithic transition in Northern Italy. Fieldwork and investigations at one of the most relevant sites of Europe for the study of Neandertal and Anatomically Modern Humans: since 1990.
Funding: Lessinia Natural Parc, Veneto Region, Cariverona Foundation, Fumane Municipality, Ferrara University
• The Prehistory of the Cansiglio Plateau. Fieldwork and investigations on Late-glacial and Post-glacial hunther-gatherers: 1993-2002.
Funding: Azienda Regionale Veneto-Agricoltura, Provinces of Belluno and Pordenone, Comunità Montana dell’Alpago and Comunità Montana delle Prealpi Trevigiane, Municipalities of Caneva, Farra D'Alpago, Belluno and Fregona, Crup Foundation, Banca delle Prealpi, Giovanni Angelini Foundation, Società Naturalisti Silvia Zenari, Pordenone Museum
• The Late-glacial human occupation of Clusantin cave. Fieldwork and research on a site specialised on marmot hunting in the Friuli region: 2005-2007.
Funding: Clauzetto Municipality, Crup Foundation, Buzzi Unicem, Montagna Leader, BIM Tagliamento, Province of Pordenone, Ecomuseum Lis Aganis

Fieldwork, direction of main excavations • Grotta del Rio Secco: cave, Middle Palaeolithic and Late Upper Palaeolithic, Carnic Pre-Alps: 2010
• Grotta di Fumane: cave, Middle Palaeolithic and Early Upper Palaeolithic, Venetian Pre-Alps: 1989- present
• Grotta del Clusantin: cave, Late Upper Palaeolithic, Carnic Pre-Alps: 2002-2005
• Cansiglio Plateau: open air sites, Late Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic, Venetian Pre-Alps: 1993-2002
• Val Lastari: open air site, Late Upper Paleolithic, Asiago Plateau, Venetian Pre-Alps: 1990-1996
• Cima Dodici: open air sites, Mesolithic, Asiago Plateau, Venetian Pre-Alps: 1993-1994
Current and past Teaching Appointments at Ferrara University Master teaching:
• Course Director and Tutor, Department of Biological Evolution, University of Ferrara; “Chronology and cultures of the Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic”: 2009- present
• Course Director and Tutor, Department of Biological Evolution, University of Ferrara; “Origin and evolution of the anthropogenic and palaeontological deposits”: 2004- 2009
• Course Director and Tutor, Department of Biological Evolution, University of Ferrara; “Prehistoric Ecology II”: 2002- 2008
Undergraduate teaching:
• Course Director and Tutor, Department of Biological Evolution, University of Ferrara; “Prehistoric Ecology”: 1997- present
• Course Director and Tutor, Department of Biological Evolution, University of Ferrara; “Quaternary Geology”: 1999- present
• Course Director and Tutor, Department of Biological Evolution, University of Ferrara; “Pedoarchaeology”: 2004- present
• Lecturer, seminar, University of Ferrara; “Laboratories of Human Palaeontology”: 1994-1997
Teaching Appointments elsewhere • Lecturer, University of Trento, “Prehistoric Lithic Technology”: 2004
• Fieldwork stage, “Experimental Archaeozoology”: 2006
• Visiting Lecturer, Universitat Rovira y Virgili, “Prehistory of Northern Italy” (undergraduate and graduate taught course): 2010
• Visiting Lecturer, Université de Paris I, “Prehistory of Northern Italy” (undergraduate and graduate taught course): 2002
• Visiting Lecturer, Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme, Universitè Aix-en-Provence, (undergraduate and graduate taught course): 2000 and 2004

Tutor Appointments at Ferrara and other universities Ph.D. Supervisor
• Anthropological Sciences : 1 student graduated in 2005
• Formation Préhistoire, Archéologie des Civilisations de l’Antiquité et du Moyen-Age, Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I) : 2 students graduated in 2004 and 2005
Master Tutor
• Course on Prehistoric Sciences, Ferrara: 11 students graduated since 2005
• Course on Quaternary and Prehistory: 3 students graduated since 2009
Graduate Tutor
• Course on Technologies for Cultural Heritage, Ferrara: 6 students graduated since 2004
• Course on Natural Sciences, Ferrara : 8 students graduated since 1997
• Course on Earth Sciences, Ferrara : 1 student graduated in 2003
• Courses on Earth Sciences, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage: Milano, Padova, Bologna, Venezia : 10 students graduated since 1993

Referee for post-doctoral contracts
Ferrara University • Subject: Technology and function: the use of traceological analysis to recognize the Epigravettian subsistence strategies in Northern Italy. Contracting: S. Ziggiotti, 2002
• Subject: Analysis of the palaeoliving floors at Grotta di Fumane and Riparo del Broion. Contracting: M. De Stefani, 2003-2006
• Subject: Analysis of animal hard material used to produce tools, ornamental objects or for consumption of the Aurignacian at Grotta di Fumane. Contracting: F.Gurioli, 2003-2008
• Subject: Lithic production and use living space by H.Neanderthalensis. Study of the flint industry of unit A6 at Grotta di Fumane and comparisons. Contracting: R.Duches, 2008
• Subject: Functional analysis of Uluzzian and final Mousterian industries at Grotta di Fumane. Contracting: S. Ziggiotti, 2007
• Subject: Archaeozoology of the Mousterian levels at Grotta di Fumane. Contracting: M.Romandini, renewed since 2008

Referee for post-graduate fellowships
Ferrara University • Grotta di Fumane. Study of the palaeoliving floor of unit A6 from the spatial distribution of artefacts and ecofatcts found during the 2007 field campaign: 2 monthes, 2008
• Grotta di Fumane. Technological and typological analysis of Mousterian lithic implements from the 2007 excavation: 2 monthes, 2008
• Functional analysis of the epigravettian lithic industry of Grotta del Clusantin: 6 monthes, 2008
• Geoarchaeological study of the Grotta del Col de la Stria (VI) infill: survey, documentation and interpretation of field evidence: 2 monthes, 2008
• Grotta di Fumane. Study of the palaeoliving floor of unit A7 from the spatial distribution of artefacts and ecofatcts found during the 2008 field campaign: 2 monthes, 2009

Visiting fellowships and destination • T.M.R., European Commission : CNRS, Centre de Recherches Archéologiques 28, Sophia Antipolis, France, 1998
• C.N.R., Short Term Mobility : Musée National de Prehistoire, Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, France, 1997
• T.M.R., European Commission : CNRS, Centre de Recherches Archéologiques 28, Sophia Antipolis, France, 2000

Membership of Professional Organisations • Collaborator of the Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria (IIPP): since 1994
• Italian Anthropologists Association (AAI): since 1992
• VIII Commission of International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences (UISPP): since 2006
• Steering Council of Italian Quaternarists Association (AIQUA): 2006-2009
Membership of Peer reviewing boards • 2003- : Paléo
• 2004- : Current Anthopology
• 2007- : Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory
• 2008- : Bullettin de la Societè Prèhistorique Française
• 2009- : Journal of Archaeological Science
• 2009- : Gortania
• 2010- : Quaternary International
Membership of Scientific Committees • Eco-Anthropological Museum Cansiglio: 2002
• Archeological Museum Torre (PN): 2003
• Archeological Museum Bostel, Rotzo (VI): 2004
• Livelet Archeological Parc, Revine Lago (TV): since 2005
• 100e Congrés de la Societé Préhistorique Française : 2004
• AIQUA Meeting“The Quaternary climatic variability: the italian reseach”, Rome: 2009
Organization of Scientific Meetings • Neanderthals and Anatomically Modern Humans in Italy. Palaeogeography, ecology and culture in the isotopic stage 3, XVIII Congress of the Anthropology Italian Association. A session organised by A.A.I. and Italian Quaternary Association (AIQUA), October 2009, Florence, in collaboration with Cesare Ravazzi
• Climate and civilisation from lateglacial to Anno Domini, AIQUA Meeting “The Quaternary climatic variability: the italian reseach”, February 2009, Rome, in collaboration with M.Cremaschi
• The forests of the Palaleolithic hunters. Environment and human peopling in Cansiglio from Lateglacial to Postglacial, June 2008, Tambre d’Alpago (BL), in collaboration with C.Ravazzi
• Paleolithic and Mesolithic, a session of the XXXVIII Meeting of Italian Intitut of prehistory and Protohistory, October 2003, Ancona, in collaboration with M.Silvestrini & A.Broglio
• Lithic technology: from raw material procurement to tool production, Internazional Workshop, XIII UISPP Congress, September 1996, Forlì, in collaboration with S.Milliken

20 Selected presentations from a total of almost 100 • 11TH International Conference of Archaeozoology, Paris: 2010
• Neandertals and Anatomically Modern Humans in Italy. Palaeogeography, ecology and culture in the isotopic stage 3. XVIII Congress Italian Antropological Association, Florence: 2009
• The Neanderthal Home: Spatial and Social Behaviours, Tarragona: 2009
• XXIX Rencontres Internationales Archéologie et Histoire, Antibes: 2008
• 5th Symposium on 14C and Archaeology, Zurich: 2008
• Hidden Landscapes of mediterranean Europe. Cultural and methodological biases in pre- and protohistoric landscape studies, Siena: 2007
• 49th Annual Meeting of the Hugo Obermaier Society, Trento: 2007
• 150 years of Neanderthal discoveries, Bonn: 2006
• Il Tardiglaciale in Italia. Lavori in corso, Rome: 2006
• Eco-cultural Niche Modeling, Les-Eyzies-de Tayac : 2005
• IV Simposio de Prehistoria Cueva De Nerja, Nerja: 2004
• 10th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), Lyon: 2004
• Neanderthals and Modern Humans meet?, Tübingen: 2004
• XXXVIII Annual Meeting of the Italian Institute of Prehistory and Protohistory (IIPP), Ancona: 2003
• Pitture paleolitiche nelle Prealpi Venete: Grotta di Fumane e Riparo Dalmeri, Verona: 2003
• XIV Congress of the International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Societies (UISPP), Liège, 2001
• Les systèmes techniques lithiques pendant le Tardiglaciaire autour de la Méditerranée nord-occidentale, Aix-en-Provence : 2001
• VIII International Flint Symposium, Bochum: 1999
• MESO ‘97, Table Ronde épipaléolithique et mésolithique, Losanna: 1999
• XIV Congress of the International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Societies (UISPP), Forlì: 1996

Administrative Experience in Education Institutions • Ph.D. Academic Committee in Anthropological Science. Society of Bologna, Ferrara and Parma Universities: 1993-2006
• Ph.D. Academic Committee in Scienze e Tecnologie per l'Archeologia e i Beni Culturali. Society of Ferrara, Modena and Siena Universities: 2006- present
• Academic Committee for Post-doctoral Contracts - member, Ferrara University: 2007- present
• Director of Experimental Archaeozoological Stages, Ferrara University: 2006-2008
• Director of the High Education Course in Operator in Experimental Archaeology, Ferrara University and Emilia-Romagna Region: 2006

Languages • Italian (native); English (fluent); French (fluent)


The list computates 4 edited books and handbooks and over 150 articles in italian, english and french published like articles in annual and peer journals, separate chapters in volumes, contributions in congress proceedings.
Other contributions are included in almost 10 guides of scientific excursions, 30 short notes in annual reports of discoveries, presentations of scientific volumes, edited abstract books, almost 70 abstracts and extended abstracts, 4 books and 15 articles for large public, 12 panels, 7 parts in museum guides, few archaeological schedules and maps.

List of the 30 more relevant scientific papers ordered according to the year of publication

Books and handbooks
Peresani M. (Ed.), 2003, Discoid Lithic Technology. Advances and Implications. British Archaeological Reports, International Series, 1120, Oxford.
Peresani M., Ravazzi C. (Eds.), 2009, Le foreste dei cacciatori paleolitici. Ambiente e popolamento umano in Cansiglio tra Tardoglaciale e Postglaciale. Supplemento al Bollettino Società Naturalisti Silvia Zenari, Pordenone, 256 pp. (ISBN 9788890435904)
Arzarello M., Fontana F., Peresani M., (Eds.), in press. Manuale di tecnologia litica preistorica. Carocci Ed.

Journal articles
Higham T.F.G., Brock F., Peresani M., Broglio A., Wood R. and Douka K., 2009, Problems with radiocarbon dating the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic transition in Italy. Quaternary Science Reviews, 28, 1257-1267.
Peresani M., 2009, Notes on the Neanderthal behaviour during the isotopic Stage 3 in the alpine fringe of Italy. Gortania. Geologia, Paleontologia, Paletnologia, 31, pp. 87-96.
Peresani M., 2008, A new cultural frontier for the last Neanderthals: the Uluzzian in Northern Italy. Current Anthropology, 49/4, pp. 725-731.
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Bona F., Peresani M., Tintori A., 2007, Indices de fréquentation humaine dans les grottes à ours au Paléolithique moyen final. L’exemple de la Caverna Generosa dans les Préalpes lombardes, Italie. L’Anthropologie, 111 (3), pp. 290-320.
Ravazzi C., Peresani M., Pini R., Vescovi E., 2007, Il Tardoglaciale nelle Alpi e in Pianura Padana. Evoluzione stratigrafica, storia della vegetazione e del popolamento antropico. Il Quaternario, 20(2), pp. 163-184.
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Peresani M., Porraz G., 2004, Ré-interprétation et mise en valeur des niveaux moustériens de la Grotte du Broion (Monti Berici,Vénétie). Etude techno-économique des industries lithiques. Rivista di Scienze Preistoriche, LIV, pp. 181-247.
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Avigliano R., Di Anastasio G., Improta S., Peresani M., Ravazzi C., 2000, A new late glacial - early Holocene palaeobotanical and archaeological record in the eastern Pre-Alps: the Palughetto basin (Cansiglio Plateau, Italy). Journal of Quaternary Science, 15 (8), pp. 789-803.
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Peresani M., 1995-96, Sistemi tecnici di produzione litica nel Musteriano d'Italia. Studio tecnologico degli insiemi litici delle unità VI e II della Grotta di San Bernardino (Colli Berici, Veneto). Rivista di Scienze Preistoriche, XLVII, 1995-96, pp. 79-167.

Papers in edited volumes
Peresani M., 2009, The range of caching behavior among the past hunther-gatherers of Europe. In S. Bonnardin, C. Hamon, M. Lauwers, B. Quilliec (eds.) Du matériel au spirituel. Réalités archéologiques et historiques des «dépôts» de la Préhistoire à nos jours, Atti XXIXe Rencontres Internationales d’Archéologie et d’Histoire d’Antibes, APDCA, pp. 19-27.
Fontana F., Guerreschi A., Peresani M., in press, The visible landscape. Inferring mesolithic settlement dynamics from multifaceted evidence in the south-eastern Alps. In Hidden Landscapes of Mediterranean Europe. Cultural and methodological biases in pre- and protohistoric landscape studies. International Workshop, British Archaeological Reports.
Peresani M., 2009, Dinamiche bio-culturali attorno alla transizione Paleolitico medio – Paleolitico superiore. Uno sguardo sull’Europa meridionale. In Belcastro M.G., Facchini F. (eds.), I Neandertaliani. Atti Convegno Neanderthal, Bologna 2006, Jaca Books, pp. 289-305.
Peresani M., De Curtis O., Duches R., Gurioli F., Romandini M., Sala B., 2008, Grotta del Clusantin, un sito inusuale nel sistema insediativo epigravettiano delle Alpi italiane. In M.Mussi (a cura di): Il Tardiglaciale in Italia. Lavori in corso. British Archaeological Reports, International Series, 1859, pp. 67-79.
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