Curriculum vitae of P. Trovato
1. Full names:
Paolo Trovato

2. Date and place of birth:
San Donà di Piave (Venice), Italy, 8.11.1952

3. Current position and date of appointment:
Full professor of the History of the Italian Language, University of Ferrara, I November 1994.

4. Education and degrees awarded:
- 1976, Master in Arts, University of Venice (Italy);
- 1979, Ph. D. in Letters, University of Leiden (The Netherlands).

5. Previous professional appointments:
- University of Leiden, 1978-1983 (tenure: 1980-1983): Wetenschappelijk medewerker [scientific assistant];
- University of Venice, 1983-1987: ricercatore [tenured lecturer] di Filologia italiana;
- University of Salerno, 1987-1994: professore associato [tenured associate professor] di Storia della lingua italiana.
Visiting professor: University of Aix en Provence, one semester, 2000; Jerusalem, Hebrew University, one semester 2006-2007.

6. Research awards, research honours and major stipendiary support for research:
- 1986-1987: Annual fellowship Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies (Villa I Tatti, Florence);
- 1994, President Cossiga Fellowship, Newberry Library, Chicago [2 months];
- 1988-2000, several fundings by CNR [National Research Council] .
- 2001-2002 Municipality of Ferrara: 100 million of Italian Lire for organizing workshops and lectures on Lucrezia Borgia
- MIUR PRIN [i.e. Ministry for University and Scientific, Research, Research project of national interest] fundings in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005(-2006), 2010-2011. Please note that also the research projects of 2002, 2003, 2004, 2013-2015 were declared successful and therefore deserving funding; however, they did not eventually receive any funding because of cuts to
the national research budget (since 2005 to 2015 the national amount of funding has been severely reduced).

7. Editorial board memberships/editor:
- founder and editor (with S. Albonico, S. Carrai, V. Formentin) of the journal “Filologia italiana” (2004-2014);
- founder and editor (with Franco Cardini) of the collection ““Storie e linguaggi” and of the journal “Storie e linguaggi. A Journal of the Humanities” (publisher:, Padua [Italy]) (2014-);
- founder and editor of the collection “Scaffale di lettere” (publisher: Libreria dell’Università: Pescara (1998-2005);
- member of the scientific committee of the journals “Stilistica e metrica italiana”(2001-), “Ecdotica” (2004-), “Filologia italiana” (2015-), “Studi danteschi” (2017-).
- member of the scientific committee of the collections “Biblioteca senese. Studi e testi, curata da Stefano Carrai, Roberto Guerrini, Marzia Pieri” (publisher: ETS, Pisa) and “Contributi e proposte. Collana di letteratura italiana diretta da Mario Pozzi e Enrico Mattioda” (publisher: Edizioni dell’Orso, Alessandria);

8. Elected memberships in scientific societies:
Honorary Member of the Dante Society of America (2016- ).

9. Supervision of research work and postgraduate studies:
Supervision of several dozens of master theses and Ph.D. theses

10. Other academic and professional activities:
- 1994-1995, Head of the Istituto di filologia classica e moderna, University of Ferrara;
- 1995-1999, Head of the Corso di Laurea in Lettere, University of Ferrara;
- 1999-2002, Dean of the Faculty (now Dept.) of Humanities, University of Ferrara;
- 2002-2008 Head of the Corso di Laurea in Lettere, University of Ferrara;
- 2008-2013, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts, e-Campus University, Novedrate
- 2009-2014, Head of the Master Culture e tradizioni del Medioevo e del Rinascimento, , University of Ferrara;
-2015-2018, Director of the Summer School in Textual Criticism, University of Ferrara;
-2017, Ph.D. Program Coordinator, Dept. of Humanities
2020-2021,Director of the Winter School in Dante Studies, University of Ferrara.

- 2004-, Peer-reviewing of all the articles published in “Filologia italiana” (2004-2014), of the books of the collections “Scaffale di lettere” and “Storie e linguaggi”, and of several other publications in various capacities.
- 2000-, Peer-reviewing and confidential reports related to research funding or promotion to Professor (or the like) on behalf of major Western universities (Chicago, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada [SSHRC], Padua, Swiss National Science Foundation, Toronto, Venice, Wisconsin-Madison …).
- 2020, reviewer for "Speculum".