Research activities


                                                Collaborations in Research Projects

2009-present      Experimental characterization of beach-tennis rackets by modal analysis techniques, in collaboration with Rakkettone.

2008-present      Elastodynamic analysis of a vane pump, in collaboration with Berarma, Bologna.

2008-present      Multibody modelling and experimental diagnostics in heavy-duty wheel, in collaboration with TellureRota, Formigine (MO).

2007-present      Experimental evaluation of the inertia properties of knee prosthesis in collaboration with INAIL, Budrio, Bologna.

2006-present      Multibody analysis of the valve trains of a racing motorbike in Virtual.Lab Motion environment, in collaboration with DucatiCorse.

2008-2009           Experimental vibro-acoustics characterization of fitness devices (tapis roulant) in collaboration with Technogym.

2006-2009           Experimental calculation of the inertia properties of a diesel engine in collaboration with VM Motori, Cento, Ferrara.

2007-2008           Elastodynamic modelling of a helical gear pump, in collaboration with TRW Automotive GmbH, Duesseldorf.

2007                     Experimental evaluation of modal damping in a submarine sensors hoisting mast in collaboration with Calzoni, Bologna.

2007                     Vibro-acoustic characterization of a helicopter cabin by using P-U probes in collaboration with LMS International and Eurocopter under the Friendcopter project (

2003-2007           Experimental vibration characterization and elastodynamic modelling of external gear pumps for steering systems, in collaboration with TRW Automotive Italia, Ostellato, Ferrara.

2006-2007           Development of advanced methods for monitoring, diagnostics and quality control, based on vibration and acoustic emission analysis in the field of machinery faults (axial compressor and cold test in Diesel engine in collaboration with APIcom).

2005-2006           Development of a methodology for the dynamic optimisation of critical components on Diesel engines  and relative technology transfer to VM Motori; the methodology takes into account the modal analysis, the static and durability analyses and the frequency response analysis applied to the FE model.

2005                     Analysis and optimisation of mechanical structures using concept modifications and reduced models carried out at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven from February to July 2005 under the European Doctorate in Sound and Vibration Studies programme     ( ).

2004                     Elastodynamic modelling of valve trains, gear trains and crankshaft of a motorbike developed in Simulink environment (Matlab), in collaboration with DucatiCorse.