Born in Argenta (FE) on 04.11.1960
- 1984 degree in Biological Science from the University of Ferrara;
- 1985 certification to practice as a biologist;
- 1986 Register of Professional Biologists (n.24708);
- 2001 Specialist in Medical Genetics;

- 1985-1987 Internal student and then postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Biochemistry, University of Ferrara;
- 1988 grant recipient.and later fellow contractor at the 'Institute of Medical Genetics at the Institute for Childhood "Burlo Garofalo" of Trieste;
- 1991 graduate technician at the University of Ferrara, Department of Experimental and Diagnostic Medicine, Section of Pathological Anatomy Histology and Cytology, and subsidized by the same date as Biologist at the University Hospital in Ferrara;
- 2005 permanent post as academic researcher at the University of Ferrara, MED08 scientific field;

- Appointed lecturer in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques Degree Course for the teaching of Integrated Anatomical Pathology;
- Appointed lecturer in Medicine Degree Course for Clinical Methodology 2 / Anatomical Pathology;
- Appointed lecturer in the School of Specialisation in Anatomical Pathology for the teaching of Biology Anatomy Applied Molecular Pathology.

She carries out research mainly into the biopathological characterization of tumours, with particular reference to gastrointestinal or blood diseases, participating in various research projects. She, moreover, performs molecular oncology diagnostics for gastrointestinal, hematologic and cervical-vaginal diseases