Gianni Bosi is born in Copparo (FE), Italy, in 1986.

He received the M.S. degree in Engineering and Technologies for Telecommunications and Electronics in October 2010 from the University of Ferrara, Italy.

In 2010 he is the recipient of a PhD scholarship from the Engineering Department of the University of Ferrara, Italy. For his research activity, he joined the ETLab (Electronics for Telecommunication Laboratory) research group. His activity was oriented to the experimental characterization and nonlinear modeling of active devices for microwave applications and to the definition of new and innovative design methodologies for microwave circuits. He received the PhD degree in 2014 with a theses entitled “Nonlinear transistor models and design techniques for high-efficiency microwave power amplifiers”.

From 2014 to 2020 he has been Research Fellow in the Engineering Department of the University of Ferrara, Italy.

In 2014 he joined the Department of Electric Engineering of the KU Leuven (Belgium) as a Research Fellow under the supervision of Prof. Dominique Schreurs to work on the European project “Metrology for new electrical measurement quantities in high-frequency circuits - EURAMET JRP: SIB62 HFCircuits”

From 2020 he is Assistant Professor in the Engineering Department of the University of Ferrara, where he currently teaches the course of Electronic Measurement Systems.

The research activity, documented by over 40 contributions on international journals and conferences, is focused on the experimental characterization of active devices for microwave application under nonlinear dynamic operation, oriented to technology evaluation, modelling and design of microwave power amplifiers. These activities are carried out within the ETLab research group of the University of Ferrara and in cooperation with several Italian and international research institutes and industrial companies, such as: University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (Italy), University of Messina (Italy), KU Leuven (Belgium), National Physical Laboratory, NPL (UK), University of Niš (Serbia), Sumitomo Electric Industries (Japan), Anteverta Microwave (The Netherlands), Integra Technologies (USA), Leonardo Finmeccanica (Italy). The results of the research activities have been presented to the most important international conferences of the field.

Gianni Bosi is a member of the IEEE organization and of the Microwave Theory and Technology Society. He serves as a reviewer for the following international journals:

  • IEEE – Transactions on Electron Devices
  • IEEE – Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
  • IEEE – Journal of the Electron Device Society
  • IEEE – Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics
  • IEEE – Transactions on Power Electronics
  • Elsevier – Solid-State Electronics
  • Springer – Journal of Computational Electronics
  • Wiley – International Journal of Numerical Modelling
  • Wiley – International Journal of RF and Microwave CAD Engineering
  • MDPI - Electronics