Prof. Evelina Lamma – Curriculum Vitae

MS Degree in Electronic Engineering, and Ph.D. degree in Computer Science. Associate Professor, at Udine University (1992) and Bologna University (1993-2000).
Since 2000, Full Professor of Computer Engineering at University of Ferrara (UNIFE), where she teaches Foundations of Computer Science (BA degree), Foundations of Artificial Intelligence  (MS degree).

Coordinator of the PhD program in Engineering Science at Engineering Department (2004-2007). Coordinator of BA and MS degree curricula in Information Engineering at UNIFE (2007-2015). P-Pro-Rector for Teaching Activities, science and technology area, at University of Ferrara in years 2015-2018. She ha beens coordinator member of the Quality Assurance Committee
of Ferrara University in years 2017-2019.

She works on Artificial Intelligence (AI), computational logic, automated reasoning, knowledge representation, data mining and machine learning.
According to Scopus: 219 publications,  with 2073 citations, h-index 23.
Awarded for best paper at the conference RR2013 Web Reasoning and Rule Systems, for the paper: BUNDLE: A Reasoner for Probabilistic Ontologies by Riccardo Zese, Fabrizio Riguzzi, Evelina Lamma and Elena Bellodi.

Tutorials e invited talks given:
- Modularity in Logic Programming, invited tutorial at 11th International Conference on Logic Programming ICLP94, 1994;
- Introduction to logic programming, tutorial at IV and V Italian Conference on Logic Programming, 1989 and 1990;
- Objects in Artificial Intelligence, IV AI*I Italian Conference on Artificial Intelligence - AI*IA95, 1995;
- Probabilistic Description Logics, invited talk at 31th International Conference on Logic Programming ICLP2015, Cork (I) 2015.

Visiting researcher at Computer Science Department of Brown University, Providence, RI (USA) in 1994, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Kista (S) in 1990, National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo (J) in November 2015 and Novembre 2016.

Member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, twice in the past.
Member of the Executive Committee of the Association for Logic Programming (ALP) for 3 years.

Program co-chair of 3rd Int.l Workshop on Extensions of Logic programming (ELP92) in 1992; program co-chair of ICLP2013 Int.l Conference on Logic Programming – Istanbul (T) 2013 and editor of the Proceedings, appeared on Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (Cambridge University Press); program co-chair of AI*IA99 VI Italian Conference on Artificial Intelligence Bologna (I) 1999, and AI*IA2015 XIV Italian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ferrara (I) 2015.

She works as referee for international conferences, and journals.
She is member of the editorial board of Intelligenza Artificiale journal (IOS Press), and Advisory Editor for journal Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (CUP).

Leader of research unit at University of Ferrara, in several projects, among which:
- EU Global Computing Action Project n. IST-2001-32530, computational logic for agent;
- MIUR COFIN2003, for management of digital rights;
- MIUR PRIN2005, for specification and verification of interaction protocols.
In the clinical area, research unit coordinator in the project Ricerca Finalizzata 2010 n. RF-2010-2310570 “Decision support System to improve appropriateness of repeted execution of laboratory examinations”, financed by Health Ministry (2012-2015).
She worked in technological transfer projects, contributing to the following systems:
- DNSev, for the validation of laboratory results (MIUR, Noemalife Spa);
- TDMIN, for analysis of microbiological data (jointly with UNIBO and a private company, PRRIITT Regione ER project named); TDMIN got A grade in the
national CIVR2001-2004;
- a system for managing screening protocols (Regione ER PRRIITT project, Noemalife Spa);
- Image processing and computer vision for industrial applications (funded by Camera di Commercio Ferrara).
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