PERSONAL DETAILS Date of birth : 18/04/1980 Citizienship : Italian Australian Permanent Resident Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) Marital status : single Driving licence : B


PhD Eng. Claudia Cherubini
PhD In Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor in Hydrogeology
National Scientific Habilitation to Full Professor
Department of Physics & Earth Sciences,
University of Ferrara
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Water Engineering
School of Civil Engineering | The University of Queensland | St Lucia QLD 4072 | Australia

Date of birth: 18/04/1980
Citizenship: Italian
Australian Permanent Resident Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)
Marital status: single
Driving licence: B

 1998 - secondary education at a scientific high school (60/60)
 2003 - M.S. Civil Engineering I Faculty of Engineering of Polytechnic of Bari (110 cum laude)
 2007 - PhD in “Engineering for the Defence of Ecosystems”

 2008 Post Doctoral Fellow at CNR (National Centre of Research)
 2008-2009 Research Fellow at Polytechnic of Bari (Italy)
 2009-2012 Research Associate at Polytechnic of Bari (Italy)
 16/07/2012-31/08/2015 Associate Professor (Maître de Conférence) at Polytechnical Institute LaSalle Beauvais (France)
 01/09/2015–31/08/16 Lecturer in Water Engineering at University of Queensland (Australia)
 01/09/2016 -31/08/17 Senior Lecturer in Water Engineering at Brunel University London (UK)
 01/09/17- 31/08/20 Tenure-track (RTDb) Associate Professor in Hydrogeology at University of Ferrara through ‘direct call of scholars of the highest repute working permanently abroad in University’
- 01/09/20- present Associate Professor in Hydrogeology at University of Ferrara
 01/09/2016- 31/08/2019 Honorary (adjunct) lecturer at University of Queensland (Australia)
 01/11/2019- present Honorary (adjunct) Senior lecturer at University of Queensland (Australia)
 01/04/22-present Adjunct Professor at National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS) in Trieste
 09/2018-present National Scientific Habilitation to the function of Full Professor in Italy

ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES- PhD supervision and PhD viva examination experience
 2023-2025 supervisor of PhD student Danial Sheini Dashtgoli with OGS and University of Trieste. project title: '"Integration of geophysical and geological data and hydrogeological modeling for geothermal resource characterization in the Friuli Plain"

2017- 2020 Supervisor (Associate Advisor) of PhD student Jiawei Li at the University of Queensland. Thesis title: Flow Behaviours and CO2 Storage Potential Characterization during the Process of Enhanced Geothermal Systems with the Injection of CO2‘
 2022 Appointed as external referee by The Kreitman School of Advanced Graduate Studies at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. for the Doctoral thesis of Measurements and Modeling of Flux Probability Distribution in Heterogeneous Unsaturated Soil Probability Distribution in Heterogeneous Unsaturated Soil (By GAL WEISSMAN) advised by Prof. OFER DAHAN, Prof. GOLAN BEL.
 2012 Appointed as External Referee of the PhD in “Programa de ciencias del mar” of the Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña. Doctoral Thesis of Margarita Díez Rilova titled: “Caracterización de la dispersión de contaminantes en la zona costera” in Spanish.
 Scientific supervisor of the following external (sabbatical) PhD students:
 PhD student Mohammadamin Amini, Tarbiat Modares University (Iran), thesis title ‘"Dynamic Adaptive Policy-Making on Long-Term Flood Risk Management under Deep Uncertainty.’
 PhD student Ghazaleh Torkan, Teheran University (Iran), thesis title: ‘Developing Climate Adaptation Pathways in the Agricultural Sector Based on Combining System Dynamics-Agent Based Models’
 2019- 2020 Cosupervisor of PhD student Ali Ranjbar, K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Tehran (Iran) at the University of Queensland. Thesis title: ‘Evaluation of Sea Level Rise and Extracting Rate Effect on Saltwater Intrusion into Coastal Aquifer under Heterogeneity Algorithms of Hydraulic Conductivity’.
 2014-2017 Cosupervisor of PhD thesis of Nicoletta Allegretti with an international cotutelle PhD between Polytechnic of Bari and Polytechnic Institute UniLaSalle Beauvais. Title of thesis ‘Innovative hydrogeological practices for the exploitation of groundwater resources as a source of geothermal energy in heterogeneous aquifers.’

 2022 scientific responsible of the University of Ferrara within the Framework agreement with the Municipality of Ferrara for scientific collaboration activities for research and analysis to support the disciplines of the government of the Territory and Urban Planning
 2019- International scientific expert reviewer of the US Department of Defense SERDP Call for Peer Reviewers - Quantitative Groundwater Plume Characterization to Support Transition Assessments
 2016- International scientific expert of the Evaluation Committee “Ecosystem dynamics to improve their sustainable management” of the French National Research Agency (ANR).
 2016 –Member of the Editorial Board of Heliyon, Elsevier for Civil Engineering
 2013- 2015 responsible of the specialization 'Hydrogeology and Industrial Risks' of the engineering geology graduate program at LaSalle Beauvais
 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 responsible of the pedagogical reform of the 4th and the 5th year for the specialization 'Hydrogeology and Industrial Risks' at LaSalle Beauvais
 2019-2022 Appointed as Lecturer of English for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) PhD student course at University of Ferrara for three consecutive years
 2012 Lecturer at Master “Pianificazione Territoriale e Ambientale” (Territorial and Environmental Planning)
 2011 Lecturer in MSc Module “Mineral Resource Assessment” at University of Exeter- Camborne School of Mines after formal invitation.
 2011 Lecturer at Master “Pianificazione Territoriale e Ambientale” (Territorial and Environmental Planning)
 2008 Lecturer at University of Siena at “PhD International course on Advanced Numerical Modeling of Flow and Transport in Soils and Aquifers”
 2009 Lecturer at Polytechnic of Milan within the Interpolytechnic doctorate school
 2007 Lecturer at the course "Technician for waste management” at CISEM
 2008 Lecturer (for Polytechnic of Bari) at I.F.T.S within the project “Technician for monitoring and management of environment and territory
 2003-2012 Collaboration to the didactic of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses Polytechnic of Bari

 2005 Research at Geowissenschaftliches Zentrum der Universität Göttingen (reductive dechlorination)
 2006 Research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) (fracture flow in the vadose zone)
 2009-2010 Research at USGS Menlo Park (CA) laboratory (effect of heterogeneity on converging flow tracer tests)
 2011 Guest researcher Pan European Non Homogeneous Turbulence Laboratory of ERCOFTAC

 2013-2015 responsible of international exchanges and researches of LaSalle Beauvais and US Universities (exchanges with Michigan State University-MSU, University of Texas el Paso-UTEP, University of Nevada-Reno- UNR, University of Georgia-UGA, University of Arkansas-UARK)
 2008 Collaboration within the research project PRIMAC - Protection of coastal aquifers from seawater intrusion (European project)
 2006 Collaboration within the Yucca Mountain (Nevada) Project of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA).
 2005 Collaboration within the European research project KORA (Deutschland)
 2004 Collaboration with ENI S.p.A. (AgipPetroli) and Enitecnologie within the Research Project “New Strategies of Remediation and Environmental Monitoring of Contaminated Groundwater with Innovative Materials”.
 2004 Collaboration with ENI S.p.A.(AgipPetroli), Enitecnologie and Polytechnic of Bari within the post degree (master) Project of Formation titled: “Systems and study Techniques for the Remediation of polluted Soils and Groundwater”
 2006 Scientific Organizing Secretary of the II National A.I.G.A. Congress.

 2004 - Consultant of Italian Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Territory
 Nov 2006/Nov 2007- junior expert of Sector of Remediation and Waste, Apulia Region
 Dec 2007/ March 2009 Member of the Technical Committee of Remediation of Apulia Region- Sector of Remediation and Waste, expert in remediation techniques of contaminated soil.
 2006 Consultant of Society TTE SRL (Tetra Tech Europa)
 01/01/05 -31/03/05 Consultant of STUDIO AGLIETTO S.R., on risk assessment and flow and contaminant transport modeling in aquifers.
 2005 collaboration with Polytechnic of Bari for development of the Preliminary Remediation Project of the site Syndial of Brindisi, for SNAMPROGETTI

• Only scientific responsible of EU Project ‘AIR BREAK: Co-producing healthy clean commuting air spots in town’ funded by UIA Program (Urban Innovative Actions) Start date: 01/07/2020 End date: 30/06/2023. Total contribution: 4.999.986,80 €
• New Staff Research Start-up Grant 2016 ‘Conceptual and mathematical modelling of unsaturated flow in single synthetic fractures.’ The University of Queensland 2015-2016
• Geostatistics to characterise, cleanup and monitoring of contaminated sites. LaSalle Beauvais 2015
• FAR 2018 University of Ferrara
• ANVUR 2017 Finanziamento delle attività base di ricerca, Funding of research activities
• ANVUR 2018 Departments of excellence admitted to funding

• Hydrogeological platform at Polytechnical Institute LaSalle Beauvais 2012-2015
• RELA-VALBIOR “Network of laboratories to support research in the area of “Innovative technologies for the valorisation of residual biomass of the productive sectors of Apulia Region” within the frame of Regional Framework Program for Scientific Research 2010- 2012
• Effect of heterogeneity on converging flow tracer tests at USGS Menlo Park (CA) 2009-2010
• Protection of coastal aquifers from seawater intrusion (PRIMAC) 2007-2008
• Fracture flow in the vadose zone at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) 2006
• Reductive dechlorination as a groundwater remediation strategy (KORA).Geowissenschaftliches Zentrum der Universität Göttingen (Germany) 2005
• ENI S.p.A. (AgipPetroli) and Enitecnologie within the Research Project “New Strategies of Remediation and Environmental Monitoring of Contaminated Groundwater with Innovative Materials” 2004
• Collaboration with ENI S.p.A.(AgipPetroli), Enitecnologie and Polytechnic of Bari within the post degree (master) Project of Formation titled: “Systems and study Techniques for the Remediation of polluted Soils and Groundwater” 2004

Referee for the journals:
• Transport in Porous Media, Editor: Martin Blunt ISSN: 0169-3913 IF= 2.211
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• Applied Mathematical Modelling Elsevier editors: Johann Sienz Impact Factor 1.706

 2019 Chairman at the Australasian Groundwater Conference: Groundwater in a changing world. 24-27 November 2019, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
 2013-2021: Co-convener at EGU (European Geoscience Union) General Assembly for the Session: NP6.2 Turbulence, Vortices and Waves in Stratified and Rotating Fluids
 2013 in the expert committee ‘prix Roberval’ 26th edition
 2012 Winner of “Division Outstanding Young Scientists Award” for the Division on Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences of the European Geosciences Union (EGU)
 2011 Winner of Prize XXIII Edizione Premio Marisa Bellisario “DONNE: INNOVAZIONE E CAPITALE UMANO” category “Giovani Ricercatrici e Talenti dell’Innovazione.”
 2012 Invited Lecturer at the Centre for Physics of Geological Processes (PGP), University of Oslo.
 2010 Among a short list of 35 selected applicants for a tenure-track assistant professorship at Stanford University (Ca) at Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
 2011 Invited lecturer at “INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON TURBULENCE, DIFFUSION AND MIXING EFFICIENCY: Climate and Pollution” at UPC Barcelona
 2010 Formally invited to undertake lectures on geostatistics applied to environmental geology in the MSc Module “Mineral Resource Assessment” at the University of Exeter (Camborne school of Mines) in February 2011
 2011 Solicited contribution of an oral presentation at EGU meeting in Vienna (8 April 2011) at session on Mixing NP6 – Turbulence, Transport and Diffusion “Mixing, Diffusion and Lagrangian transport in Geophysical Flows”
 2011 Invited to undertake lectures on hydrogeology at USGS Menlo Park (CA) in Summer 2012
 2011 Invited as a visiting scientist to collaborate with the Unsaturated-Zone Flow Project, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA, USA
 2007 “Best Student Paper” for the paper “A hydrodynamic model of a contaminated fractured aquifer” 5th International Conference IASME / WSEAS 2007.
 2007 Invitation to collaborate with SNAMPROGETTI (Fano)

 2019 – present IAH (International Association of Hydrogeologists) Member
 2011-2019 EGU (European Geoscience Union) Member
 2008 Member of International Scientific Committee of WSEAS International Conference Rhodes 20-22 August
 2009 Member of International Program Committee WSEAS International Conference Acapulco, Mexico 25- 27 January
 2009 Member of International Scientific Committee WSEAS International Conference Moscow 20 -22 August
 Member of the International Program Committee of the international Book “Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of Heat and Mass Transfer” Copyright 2008 by WSEAS Press ISBN: 978-960-6766-31-2 ISSN: 1790-2769


Collaboration in the intellectual property for the patent Process for treating and generating energy from biomasses


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 English :
• IELTS 08/10/15 with the overall band score 8
• certification of “FIRST CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH” conferred by “University of Cambridge” in 1997.
 German :
• certification “ZENTRALE MITTENSTUFENPRÜFUNG” conferred by Goethe - Institut of Bonn;
• certification “ZERTIFIKAT DEUTSCH” conferred by Goethe – Institut of Bonn;
• attestation of frequency to the “Intensiv Kurs Deutsch für Junge Erwachsene - Mittelstufe ” conferred by Goethe Institut Berlin;
• attestation of frequency to “ Intensiv 4 Kurs - Mittelstufe 3 ” conferred by Goethe Institut Bonn.
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• Attestation of “Curso intensivo preparatorio de Español, nivel Avanzado” conferred by the school DILE in Salamanca.
 Portuguese
• Not certified knowledge of the Portuguese language, written and oral.
 Japanese
1. Japanese basic language course at the Momiji school in Bari