Currently involved in three main areas:

1. Environmental Impact Assessment of projects and plans, mainly within the fields energy and environment (40%)

2. Education (40%)

3. Publication of articles and books (20%)

1. Responsible for the field “Environmental Impact Assessment of projects and plans” at Istituto Delta Ecologia Applicata Srl, mainly within the fields energy and environment (40% of the time).

Main reports and projects in Environmental Studies are listed below:

- Assessment of Implications, according to the Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC and Birds Directive 2009/147/EC: ca 100 reports

- Environmental Impact Assessment: more than 20 reports

- Acoustics: ca 20 reports

- Strategic Environmental Assessment: 3 reports

- Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Reports: 6 reports

- Survey of public opinion: 5 reports

- IPPC: 1 report

- Applied research and monitoring: ca 25 projects (on energy and territorial management)

- Territorial plans: 7 reports

- Agronomic studies: 2 reports

- Ecological Networks: 1 report

Main collaborations with the European Commission as representative of the Istituto Delta:

- LIFE09_ENVIT000188 Environmental cooperation model for cluster-ecocluster. Partner

- LIFE09NAT/IT/000110 Conservation of habitats and species in the Natura 2000 sites in the Po Delta. Project Management - European Commission, Joint Research Center, Institute for Environment and Sustainability

– Studies on integrated environmental impact assessment, targeting of rural development agri-env measures as well as collection and structuring of large scale soil data. Contract No. 381435 F1SC.

- LIFE04NAT/IT/000126 - Conservation and breeding of Italian Cobice Endemic Sturgeon. Action Plan. Project Management. - LIFE00NAT/IT/7142 - Improving bird habitats by burying power lines (Miglioramento degli habitat di uccelli e bonifica di impianti elettrici). Monitoring the impact of power lines on birds (Azione F.3 Monitoraggio dell’impatto delle linee elettriche sull’avifauna).

- LIFE00NAT/IT/7215 - Ripristino ecologico e conservazione degli habitat nella Salina del SIC Valli di Comacchio. Project Management. Monitoraggio ecologico: avifauna e ittiofauna nella Salina di Comacchio.

2. Education (40% of the time)

- Lecturer at the University of Ferrara since 2005, for seminaries and for the course "Environmental Impact Assessment: case studies” (

- Lecturer for the International Master Ecopolis in “Environmental and Regional Policies for Sustainability and Local Development” since 2009 (

- Science Teacher in High School, since 2001.

- Lecturer for vocational courses, within the fields energy and environment

- International project within the field Education. EU Program Leonardo da Vinci. Project Test nr. I/05/A/EX-154452-SCF. The school-job alternance. Comparative analysis between some schools in Emilia Romagna and the district of Ankara (Turkey). October 2006-March 2007.

3. Publication of articles and books (20%)

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