Sandrine Labory

French; born in Hennebont (Francia) on 4 June 1969
Married, two children.

Home address:
Via Cavalcanti, 17D
50133 Firenze
tel. 055 582807
cell. 3282284101

Dipartimento di Economia e Management
Università di Ferrara
Via Voltapaletto, 11
44100 Ferrara
tel. 0532 455031
Fax. 0532 293294

Current position:
Ricercatrice confermata, University of Ferrara

1997: Ph.D. in Economics, European University Institute, Florence, Italy
1993: M.Sc. in Economics, University College London, London, UK
1992: BA in Economics and Maitrise de Sciences Economiques, joint degree between University of Middlesex, London and Université de Nantes, France

Research interests
Industrial economics and policy: industrial policy as a long-term vision of industrial development; production organisation and clusters; innovation policy at regional and national levels; firm organisation and market structure

Research projects
2011: Coordinator of FAR project "Innovation, internationalisation and firm performance: implications in terms of industrial policy" (research group: Prof. L. Poma, Prof. G. Masino, Prof.ssa L. Ramaciotti, Dott. Giorgio Prodi, Domenico Berdicchia, Federico Frattini, Francesco Nicolli, Ugo Rizzo), University of Ferrara.

2010: Coordinator of FAR project "innovation dynamics for international competitiveness" (group: Prof. L. Poma, Prof. G. Masino, Dott. Giorgio Prodi, Domenico Berdicchia, Federico Frattini), University of Ferrara.

2010-11: study of upgrading policies for clusters in mature sectors (IRPET e Regione Toscana, Florence)

2011-2012: contribution to the writing of the Treccani Encyclopedia, dictionary of economics and finance.

2011: research contract for the Fondazione per la Ricerca e l'Innovazione, University of Florence, for the realisation of a research report on the support to university-industry relationships in order to boost local competitiveness.

2009: research for the Regional institute of economic planning of the Tuscan Region (IRPET) on the use of bibliometric data in innovation analysis; two applications tyo the Tuscan case.

2001-2003: coordinator of the Ferrara unit (WP3) of the European project PRISM (Policy making, Reporting and Measurement, Intangibles, Skills development and Management), financed by the European programme 2000-29665 of the DG Information Society of the European Commission (

2001-2003: (local) coordinator of the European project "Study on the measurement of intangible assets and associated reporting practices", responsible Prof. S.Zambon, EU Call for Tender ENTR/01/054, contract FIF.20010720, European Commission.

2001-2003: IRPET, research project on the relationship between large firms and SME systems in the fashion sector in Tuscany.

1999-2000: Researcher at the University of Bergamo, Economics Department; research project on internal labour markets, firm organisation and performance, directed by Prof. R. Leoni.

1998-9: Regulatory Reform, Market Functioning and Competitiveness, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels, Centro Studi Confindustria and European Commission.

1997-9: Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels

1995: Chargée d’Etudes, Economic service of the French Embassy in Tokyo, project on the automobile industry.

1990-1: Junior Research Fellow, Business Strategies Ltd., Economic consultant, London (project on the use of survey data in economic forecasts)

Current teaching activities
Applied economics (64 hour course; third year of the laurea triennale, from 2011)
Analysis of productive sectors (56 hour course; second year of the laurea Magistrale in Economia Aziendale, management e professioni, from 2011)

Past teaching activities:
Applied economics (first year of the laurea triennale; 2005-2008)
European economic policies (third year of the laurea triennale) (2003-2006)
Analysis of productive sectors (first year of the Laurea specialistica management e professioni) (2006 - 2011)
Advanced industrial economics (Laurea specialistica in Economics, 2010-2011)

Other past teaching activities
2003: 40 hour course on Italy in the European Union for US students at the CIEE, Ferrara.
1999: course on Economic institutions, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ferrara
1999: lectures in the course Economia Politica II, faculty of Economics, University of Ferrara

1995-7: grant of the European University Institute, Florence, Italy, for the Ph.D. in Economics
1993-5: grant from the External Affairs Ministry of France, for the study at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy.
1995: research grant, Economic service of the french embassy in Tokyo.

Accademic and institutional activities
Member of the VQR (research evaluation) Commission of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ferrara
Member of the library commission of the macro-area humanities of the University of Ferrara, from 2007
Member of the Erasmus Commission of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ferrara, from 2003
Member of the Ph.D. Commission of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ferrararo del colleggio dei docenti del dottorato di ricerca della Facoltà di Economia (from 2003)
Member of the FAR Commission (research fund of the University of Ferrara) in the period 2009-2011
Representative of the University of Ferrara at the Laboru market observatory of the Ferrara province, from 2010.

Current and past memberships of associations
EUNIP, European Network of research on Industrial Policy
EARIE, European Association for Research on Industrial Economics
EEA, European Economic Association
SIEPI, Società Italiana di Economia e Politica Industriale.
Regional Studies Association
SIE Società Italian degli Economisti (Italian economists' Association)
AFSE (Association française de sciences économiques), French association of economics.

Refeering activities for the following journals:
International Journal of Industrial Organisation
Journal of Industrial Economics
Economia Politica
Revue d’Economie Politique
Revue d'Economie industrielle

Member of journals' boards:
from 2003, member of the editing committee of the journal L'Industria
from 2009, member of the executive committee of the new journal European Review of Industrial Economics and Policy (created in 2010 from the collaboration of three national journals, Revue d'economie industrielle, L'Industria and Economia e Politica Industriale)

1997, Young economist' prize of the EARIE association(European Association for Research on Industrial Economics, for a study on firm organisation and market performance in the case of Honda Motor Corp.

Presentations at conferences and workshops (main)

12 July East Forum Unicredit / OCSE Conference on “The Challenges to Economic Growth. New approaches to Industrial Policy”, Rome, invited as discussant.

19-21 June: DRUID conference, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) on “Innovation and Competitiveness. Dynamics of organizations, industries, systems and regions”; presentation of paper “How do the institutions involved in Scientific Collaboration deal with spatial and institutional distance? An analysis of co-authorships of scientific publications” (with Iorio R., D’Amore R.)

15-17 February: Industrial Policy Book workshop of ILO / UNCTAD, Geneva, Switzerland; presentation on “Industrial Policy in Western Europe” together with Patrizio Bianchi.

8-10 October, Incontri di Artimino du "Nuovo sviluppo industriale e politiche di sistema", presentation of work on the Mirandola biomedical cluster after the earthquake.

17-20 April, Regional Studies Association Annual International Conference, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK, presentation of paper on industrial policy after the crisis and the case of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

15-17 September, Annual conference of the Italian regional studies association, Turin; presentation of paper on industrial policy after the crisis and the case of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

20-21 October, Workshop on “Clusters in global value chains: what is the role of innovation systems?”, Orkestra, Basque Institute of Competitiveness, Deusto Foundation, San Sebastian, presentation of study on the Mirandola biomedical cluster.

3-5 October 2011, Gli Incontri di Artimino “Innovazione e trasformazione industriale dei territori nelle regioni europee” presentation on the upgrading of clusters in mature sector.

29 June 2011, Committee of the Regions meeting on Industrial competitiveness: Global challenges, regional responses (presentation of book on industrial policy after the crisis together with P. Bianchi)

22-23 June 2010: XXII Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar, Presentation on “The crisis and the recovery: do we need an Industrial Policy?”

September, Annual conference of the journal L'Industria, Ferrara, presentation on sovereign wealth funds and state shareholding, together with Andrea Goldstein (OCSE)

7-9 November: conference of the 30th anniversary of the journal Revue d’Economie Industrielle, Nice, France; presentation of "30 years of industrial economics and policy viewed through the journal L'Industria"(with P. Bianchi and E. Pontarollo)

June, DRUID Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark
Presentation of paper: Iorio, Labory and Paci, “The determinants of research quality in Italy: empirical evidence using bibliometric data in the biotech sector”

EUNIP 2007 Conference, Florence, presentation of:
- Bianchi – Labory: The Coherence of new industrial policies. A comparative analysis of some OECD countries
- Iorio – Labory – Paci: Research impact in the biotech sector: evidence from bibliometric data

AISSEC 2007 Conference, Parma, 21-23 June (XVIa conference) ; presentazione of "The Coherence of new industrial policies. A comparative analysis of some OECD countries" (Bianchi e Labory)

EUNIP Conference 2006, June, Limerick, Ireland; presentation of “Industrial policy in an open and knowledge-based economy”

Proximity Conference 2006, Bordeaux, France, June, presentation of “The evolution of external linkages and relational density in the Tuscan Leather Industry” (with L. Bacci e M. Lombardi).