Nicola Marzot was born in Imola (Bologna), 27/11/1965. He has obtained his degree in Architecture in Florence (cum laude), with a thesis on Ferrara’s building history, investigated focusing on the relation between urban morphology and building typology supervised by Prof. Mario Zaffagnini. The title is “Interpreting a sample of Ferrara’s building tissue. From the hypothesis of an original rural settlement to the achievement of an urban dignity during the medieval time” .
After being unpaid assistant at Faculty of Architecture, Ferrara, involved in the teaching of "Urban Morphology and building Typology" (1994-95), and Temporary Lecturer at the same Faculty, involved in the teaching of "Urban Morphology and building Typology" (1995-96/1996-97/1997-98), he is Temporary Lecturer at Faculty of Architecture of Firenze, Italy, involved in the teaching of "Theory of contemporary architectural research" (1997-98) and "Typological and Morphological Characters of Architecture" (1998-99). Since 1998 he is PhD student at Faculty of Engineering, Bologna, Department of Architecture and Territorial Planning (Tutor Prof- Pier Luigi Giordani).
He obtained his PhD in “Building and territorial engineering” in 2000, defending a thesis with the title “The city as a representation. Language, type and process-like perspective in the contemporary urban design”. Since then onward he is Temporary Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, Ferrara, involved in the teaching of "Urban Morphology and building Typology" and Temporary Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, Bologna, responsible for the design Laboratory of "Technical Urbanism I”. Since 2004 he has been Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara, responsible for the Design Laboratory of “Architectural Composition I A” (2004-05/2009-10); of the Design Laboratory of “Architectural Composition 2 B (2009-10/2011-12); of the Design Laboratory “Final Thesis A” (2012-13/2013-14); of the Design Laboratory of “Architectural Composition IV C” (2014-15/onward); of the module of “Morphological and Typological Analysis” in the “Final thesis Laboratory B_Architectural Restoration” (2017-18/onward) and of the module of “Environmental Design” in the “Design Thinking Laboratory” as a part of the new international Msc Program in Innovation Design (2017-18/onward). After having obtained in 2013 the National Scientific Qualification, SSD ICAR 14, since 2016 he is Associate Professor in Architectural and Urban Composition at the Department of Architecture, University of Ferrara. He has been teaching in the Master Course on “City Manager” (Faculty of Architecture, Ferrara, 1995-96/1996-97/1997-98), in the Master Course on Territorial Engineering ( Faculty of Engineering, Padova, 1995-2002) , in the Master Course on Urban Renewal (Oikos/Faculty of Architecture, Ferrara, 2002-03).
His research activity mainly focuses on “theory and method of architecture and urban design strategies”. They are intended as a constantly up to date reflection on urban refurbishment and regeneration processes of vacant buildings and waiting areas, prompted by the global socio-economic transformation of the European city. The subject matter is analyzed making use of the relation between Urban Morphology and Building Typology in the contemporary city, according to a critically revised original version of its principles and method, inscribed into a dynamic perspective of the city’s cyclical historical transformation. Regarding that topic, it has to be reminded the participation to the PRIN research network ” Function and Figure of the Public Architecture and Services for the sustainable development of the metropolitan areas: Florence, Milan, Naples and Mestre” /2000/2002), taking part to the Florence research Unit and to the PRIN research network “Re_Cycle Italy”, taking part to the IUAV research Unit (2013/2016).
The process of internationalization of his curriculum is confirmed by many collaborations with prestigious Institutions. He has been lecturer at Hosei University, Japan, Faculty of Architecture and Lund University, Sweden, Faculty of Architecture. Since 2006-07 he has been constantly teaching as visiting professor at TU Delft Polytechnic, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Department of Architecture, associated to the Chair of Public Building, where since 2009-10 onward he is Assistant Professor after winning an “High Potential Position” competition, resulting from a public concourse, granted by TU Delft University. The teaching activity has been developing at the level of the International Master Course curriculum, being responsible of Final Thesis Design Studio (Msc 3&4) and theoretical courses (Lecture Series and Seminars). Since the academic year 2017-2018 he also teaches within the ExploreLab and the Delta Intervention Design Studio. In 2014 he obtained his second international PhD at TU Delft Polytechnic in Architectural Design (Tutor Prof. Sergio Umberto Barbieri), defending on December 4th a thesis titled: “Beyond the typological discourse. The creation of the architectural language and the type as a project in the western modern city”. At TU Delft he currently develops research, in close continuity with that developed in Italy, on the Network City and the phenomenon of the hybrid architecture, analysing the tight relation between infrastructural intermodal hubs, acting on a transnational level, and the local impact on landscape of de-territorializing processes.
He also can count on an intense editorial activity. Vice director of the international journals Paesaggio Urbano and already member of the Editorial Board the international reviews Urban Morphology, Opera/Progetto and Rassegna (directed by François Burkhardt), he is author of more than 280 essays on the subject of architectural and urban design, several of which presented on occasion of national and international conferences.
He has performing several institutional roles. Since 2002 he is urbanism advisor of Oikos-Centro studi sull’abitare and of Nomisma Spa REAL ESTATE, of which since 2006 he also is Head of Urban Planning. Since 2009 he is Technical Coordinator of the Commission for Architectural and Landscape Quality (CQAP) of the municipality of Ravenna, after winning a public competition. Since 2012 he is advisor for FS Sistemi Urbani, society of the RFI Group (National Railway Network) focusing on the valorisation of vacant buildings and waiting lands not anymore instrumental to the core business of transportation. In 2012 he also has been Coordinator of the Technical Group of “Urban regeneration and temporary uses”, appointed by the Metropolitan Area of Bologna, within the “Metropolitan Strategic Plan”. Since 2015 he is advisor of CdP Investimenti Sgr. He is member of the scientific committee of MARKITECTURE, international architectural event prompted by Bologna’s Ente Fiera, now at its third edition. He is member of the organizing committee of the Italian Pavilion, X International Venice Biennale of Architecture, curator Prof. Franco Purini. In 2014 he has been curator, together with Prof. Susanne Komossa, of the Dutch Pavilion at the IV Moscow International Biennale of Architecture. Since 2005 to 2009 he is member of the Council of ISUF, International Seminar on Urban Form. Since 2006 to 2009 he also is Secretary-General of the same Institution. Since 2010 he inters into TEKNEHUB, Inter-department research centre belonging to the Techno-pole of Ferrara’s University, Platform Construction, Emilia Romagna Network of High Technology, area TH3: Diagnosis and Conservation. Since 2012 he is member of the association Pro-Arch, from 2017 transformed into the National Scientific Society, SSD ICAR 14/15/16, of which in 2018 he has been appointed representative of the Department of Architecture. In 2017 he has been appointed as representative of Associate Professors at the CUN (University National Congress). Since 2017 he has been appointed Coordinator of the Teacher and Student Commission at the Department of Architecture, Ferrara. He also is member of the Teaching Committee of the IDAUP (International Doctorate on Architecture and Urban Planning) based in Ferrara, Italy. He has been jury member of many national and international competitions, regarding both the University and the design activity.
His experimental practice is instrumental to his research curriculum. Since 1994 he start working as a singular Professional Architect, while since 1996 he shares his office with Architect Luca Righetti, founding together in 2002 the architectural firm PERFORMA A+U, mainly focusing on urban complex project and the relation between tradition and innovation in the design practice on existing buildings.
Among the most remarkable works are to be quoted the new Coop Adriatica headquarter at Villanova di Castenaso, Bologna (project 1997-1999; construction 1999-2002); a 220 rooms Jolly Hotel at Villanova di Castenaso, Bologna (project 1998-2000; construction 2000-2002); a residential building in the INA CASA quarter “Barca” (project 2001, construction 2004-2005) and the two Masterplan ex Scalo Merci Ravone and ex OMA in Bologna, client FS Sistemi Urbani, approved by the POC “Rigenerazione di Patrimoni Pubblici” in 2015. He has been involved in the "Parco delle Stelle" design, the new Bologna Sport city nominated by Italy to host the 2014 International Basketball Championship. Actually he is involved in the regeneration proposal for the ex Military Barracks “Pozzuolo del Friuli” in ferrara, client CdP Investimenti Sgr, to realize a university citadel for international hosting. He has participated to several international design competition, mostly in the field of Complex Urban Projects, resulting also winner and being signalled. In 2007 his team (MVRDV, PERFORMA A+U, Arcadis e Atelier 10)has been selected between the 12 finalist to the International Competition for the New Bologna High Speed System Station.