Mariangela Tempera teaches English Language and Literature in the Department of Human Sciences at the University of Ferrara. Besides dealing with British Renaissance Theatre and Shakespeare in particular, she has written extensively on popular literature and film versions of Shakespeare. She is chief editor of the series "Shakespeare from Page to Stage" (Clueb, Bologna), which is at its fourteenth volume, to which she has contributed many essays. For a long time she has mediated between the research world of University teachers and the practical teaching at secondary school level. In 1992, following an agreement between Ferrara City Council and the University of Ferrara, she founded the "Shakesperean Centre", of which she is director. The body aims at promoting the study and teaching of Shakespeare in Italy, by inviting academics specialised in both text and performance to Ferrara, as well as organising exhibitions, specialist symposiums to compliment the work in schools. Together with Leonardo Punginelli, she edited the volume "A scuola con Shakespeare: Otello" ("At School with Shakespeare: Othello"),1996. The first results of her current research project on "Titus Andronicus" are published in "Feasting with Centaurs: Titus Andronicus From Stage To Text (Bologna, Clueb, 1999).