Francesca Cappelletti, associated professor at the University of Ferrara, received her first degree at and her doctorate at the University of Rome La Sapienza Her favourite field of studies is the history of collecting in Italy during the Baroque Age.
She published a book on the Mattei collection of paintings (in coll. with L. Testa, 1994) and some articles on its dispersal, contributing to the rediscovery of the lost painting The taking of Christ, by Caravaggio, now at the National Gallery of Art, Dublin. She discovered documents in the Doria Pamphilj archive which were the basis for the new display of the Doria Pamphilj Gallery in Rome, in 1996.
She studied the French followers of Caravaggio, the Flemish artists in Italy, the Austrian Baroque painter Daniel Seiter.
She organized an international conference on the origins of landscape painting in 2004 and published essays and a book on the Flemish painter Paul Bril, Paul Bril e la pittura di paesaggio a Roma, 1580-1630, Rome 2006.
She contributed to various international conferences on history of collecting, display of art in the Baroque Age and the caravaggesque movement and has been part of the Scientific Committee of some notable exhibitions (e.g. The genius of Rome, London, Royal Academy of Arts, 2001, Caravaggio e i Giustiniani, Rome-Berlin 2001, Este. Una corte del Rinascimento, Ferrara 2004).
She has been among the curators of the exhibition Nature et Idéal. Le paysage à Rome 1600-1650, Paris, Grand Palais- Madrid, Prado, 2011. She co-curated the exhibition Les Bas-fonds du Baroque (Rome, Villa Medici-Paris, Petit Palais, 2014-2015) with Annick Lemoine.
Among her last books are Caravaggio. Un ritratto somigliante, Milan 2009 (2° edition printed in 2010) and Palazzo Pallavicini Rospigliosi (Rome 2014)..
She is currently Vice -President of the Consiglio Superiore dei Beni Culturali at the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and during 2015 she has been in charge of the definition of the...