Dr Barbara Cacciari got her degree in "Medicinal Chemistry and Technology" at the University of Bologna in 1990, with a sperimental thesis on the synthesis of structural analogs of the antitumoral antibiotic Antramycin. She got the Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1994, discussing a thesis on the synthesis and biological evaluation of analogs of the antitumoral antibiotic CC-1065.She has been assistant professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Ferrara since1995. During the last years, she continued her studies in the field of the synthesis of minor groove alkylating agents, structurally related to Antramycin, CC-1065 and Distamycin A. Moreover, she has been working to the synthesis of adenosine receptors agonists and antagonists, in particular, for the receptor subtypes A2A and A3. Recently, she is working on the development of ligands for the purinergic receptors P2Y12, and peptidic and heterocyclic structures as antagonists of the integrine alfa v beta3. She has collaborations with researching group at the universties of Trieste, Bologna and Milano.Her research work gave about 100 publications as result.