Born in Ferrara on 22/8/1958; italian citizenship.
Full Professor in Mathematical Analysis.
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science - University of Ferrara, Via Machiavelli 30, 44121 Ferrara.
Web site: http:\\\andrea.corli

• 1981 Degree in Mathematics, University of Ferrara, 110/110 cum laude, advisor Prof. L. Cattabriga
• 1981-83 National Institute of Advanced Mathematics
• 1983-86 Ph.D programme at the University of Bologna, then interrupted for hiring at the University of Ferrara.

• 1986-1998 Assistant Professor of Mathematical Analysis, University of Ferrara
• 1999-2001 Associate Professor of Mathematical Analysis, University of Bari
• 2002-2015 Associate Professor of Mathematical Analysis, University of Ferrara
• 2016-today Full Professor of Mathematical Analysis, University of Ferrara

• Visiting professor at the Universities of Rennes 1, Nice, Aachen, Jiao Tong, Fudan, Shanghai, Wuhan, Tsing Hua, Pechino, Max Planck Institut Leipzig, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Osaka, Hamburg, Pennsylvania, Lublin, Georgetown, Stuttgart.
• 9-12/2009 FAO consultant on modeling of epidemics spreading

• 1981-1983 Indam grant
• 1983-1986 Ph.D. grant, University of Bologna
• 9/1989-2/1991 CNR grant, Université de Rennes 1
• 3/1997 CNR grant, Université de Nice

• Chinese Journal of Mathematics
• Annali dell'Università di Ferrara

• Member of the Ph.D. Committee in Mathematics, University of Ferrara
• Contact person of the Department for “Sportello Matematico”, an IAC-CNR project to foster collaborations between industry and mathematics.
• Delegate of the Department for the University Center for International Cooperation
• 11/2015-today Vice-head of the Department

I taught several courses, mostly Calculus and Advanced Calculus for Physicists and Engineers. I wrote several notes of my course, which are freely downloadable from the University site. I also taught several Ph.D. courses at the University of Ferrara and a University course (2009, Systems of conservation laws) at the University of Hamburg.

My scientific research is focused on partial differential equations; I wrote more than 70 research papers on scientific journals, both on theoretical and applied subjects. Among the latter ones, I studied problems arising from gasdynamics, ionized gases, phase transitions, combustion, traffic flows, chromatography, optics beams, networks with valves, epidemics spreading, thin films. Here follow in chronological order the main themes:
• Linear equations in Gevrey classes
• Weakly nonlinear geometric optics
• Systems of balance laws in one or several space dimensions
• Singular and nonsingular limits of degenerate parabolic equations or dispersive equations
• Traveling waves
I organized the Conference IperFe (2002) and a couple of workshops:
• Phase Transitions, Annual Scientific Conference of the “Gesellschaft fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik” (2003),
• Mathematicians on the road: Mathematical Models for Traffic Flows, 9th SIMAI Congress (2008).

A more detailed cv is at disposal upon request.